John Yull – Opposites

“Sometimes it’s not about learning a new trick it’s about testing yourself putting yourself outside your comfort zone. I decided to spend a week riding opposite and see where it ended up. I now find myself forgetting which is normal and opposite.”

John Yull has been on fire this year, unstoppable! Definitely don’t miss this awesome “Opposites” edit, look out for the opposite double foot jam decade at 00:57! I think we all know what is coming…. Yes John!!!

3 thoughts on “John Yull – Opposites

  1. You’ve got to be joking John ……………As if your tricks weren’t complex enough on their own ! opposite double , stemade , windshield wiper , etc ?! Forget fireworks , you’ve just made my 4th of july by dropping the original hammers ! Cant wait to see you throw down at Voodoo !

  2. everyone needs to get on johns twitter !!!!!! hammers being thrown down !!! example ? decade directly to backwards peg wheelie directly to stemade !!! Voodoo Jam is going to be insane !!!!!!!!!

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