15 thoughts on “John Yull: Return of the Powermower

    • Really stoked on John’s riding right now, Im always wondering what would have happened if he didn’t quit for 15 years! Whatever the case its great hes back riding, and contributing new tricks and styles like this to flatland! Beautiful!

  1. Awesome John love this classic but its a lawnmower dude powermowers off the seatpost one foot Fred Blood etc,this is similar to a Todd Anderson wedge ramp trick same body and feet position still one hell of a rad combo 🙂

  2. no wonder you have yoda on your seatube. teaching the younglings the old ways and the shape of putting a new skool slant on em. ace.

  3. Alex Wordon’s got the applecrate. Good stuff. Makes me think of my old General Fred Blood signature model. Now we just need someone to pull a chocolate swirl. Anyone remember that one?

  4. yeah remember the Chocolate Swirl ,mike Loverage did it and Fred Blood rode for SE Racing in 1984 when he invented the Powermower Applecrate,Decade etc he was on General in 1986.

  5. Chocolate Swirl = ride along normally; jump up and do a 360 body varial; and land on bike (which had already fallen over to the side). I believe there were ads (for a video, I think) showing Fred hovering above the bike mid-trick.

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