Jomopro goes off!

Yes I know im late with this video,my internets down at mo, im stoked on this event, flatland alongside park, look how into it the crowd are!!! Number of issues here, is flatland better alongside the rest of bmx rather than on its own? And is Justin Miller the most dialled contest rider of all time? Im starting to think so on both counts..

3 thoughts on “Jomopro goes off!

  1. Effraim, I hope to see you and everyone else from the UK at Jomopro 2010!I promise you it will be worth the trip.

  2. Def looks worth the trip pat, best looking contest ive seen in a while, equally the ramp contest looked nuts!!! truck to truck to whip, mental. The crowd were so into the flat, great positive also for the US scene!

  3. Watched this on vimeo damm Justin Miller was flawless and Andy Cooper impressed the hell out of me amazing riding all round.

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