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MC, flatmatters contributer, and possibly one of the only guys tall enough to do Xft death trucks, Joe Miller warming up as the riders waited to get in.Yesterday was the first day of competition at Jomopro, after a long wait outside for the skatepark to open, there was almost a full day of sessioning and competing going down, theres a lot of riders here, both past and present. The intermediate class had ten riders, Joe Miller took care of mic duties and did a great job, the crowd got into it, Fat Tony had a run off for first, sorry name escapes me of other guy, no results available at this time, Jim Mckay had nice run with hitchiker juggler to steams. Lea Dobrowski was the only girl competitor and held her own, with her unique cross hand forkwheelies. Flex those guns Lea!

The veterans class was awesome, I grew up watching videos like Hardcore radness, so it was a real honour to meet Claude Hickman, i’m going to presume he won, as he kicked arse! Hitchiker darkside to rear wheel backpacker caboose out, forward ice cream to gerators, great run Claude! Rad dad also entered the veteran class as well as intermediate, and def was the crowd favourite! Super smooth inside steam to inside forward karls, inside rolling hitchs, messiahs, Rad Dad rules! So stoked on this guy!

Danny Harrison who makes the Trevor Meyer edits you see on vimeo, did nice direct ride in from back pegs to locomotives, and hopped up from halflash to chicken hook, that brought memories back of Martin Aparijo. Good times! Results are announced sunday…

The rest of the day was spent sessioning and hanging out with riders, the vibe is awesome here! Lot of pros turned up today, the likes of Trevor Meyer, Terry Adams, Shintaro Misawa, Dane Beardsley, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, Matt Wilhelm, Aaron Frost, Adam DiClaudio, Chad Johnston, Jean William Prevost, and Viki Gomez turned up right at end of the day. Riders were sessioning everywhere, inside and out, in corridors, everywhere I went I saw flatlanders, definitely a big presence on this contest!

So much epic riding has already gone down, Pro qualifiers is later today, I’m off for some breakfast, more updates tommorow!!

The veteran class. Good times! photo credit:

4 thoughts on “Jomopro update!!

  1. Dang wish i could be there!

    Do you have any bigger size pix?

    What qualifies someone for the veteran class? Was it like "over 30" or something like that?

  2. No sorry Ortho, dont have any bigger size pictures yet, i will have a ton soon…the coverage will keep coming…
    Over 30's and i think it was just the guys who arent riding serious you know, was fun!!

  3. WOW…I really wish I could have gone. The pro turn out looks impressive. I hope Trevor is entered…would really like to see how he does against some of the newer pros.

    Veterans class is what's up!

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