Joris Breatgnolles & Kevin Meyer Bike Art TV Interview

Bike Art – le Vélo en folie by avp_diffusion

Although the interview is in French and I can’t understand what they are saying (maybe you can!), Joris and Kevin both have riding footage! Check it!

Don’t forget Kevin’s contest coming up really soon!

One thought on “Joris Breatgnolles & Kevin Meyer Bike Art TV Interview

  1. Presentation :

    “Bike-Art as the name suggests is the combination of cycling and art. The Flatland (freestyle on the ground) is the discipline of urban sports that adapts to any environment. From simple animated birthday to the greatest extreme sports festivals through the evening events … Meet Kevin and Joris both Roannais Bike Art.”

    When we are talking :

    Joris : “Hi we’re gonna introduce a unknown sport, The Flatland, it’s a BMX discipline which is practice on the floor, it’s very technical, hard, you have to spin and balance to make a lot of trick. It’s very spectacular…”

    Joris ” Thanks to the contest we have some price, we can say that Kevin had finished 4th on the Flatland French cup”

    Kevin ” And joris took the 5th place on the World championship at the BMX Masters in Germany”

    Kevin ” We are on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube : BikeArtShow and since 2013 we have a website where you can find all our event, news, vidéos etc…”

    Kevin ” You can go check it now, see you soon ;)”
    Joris ” Don’t hesitate 😉 Bye ”

    Ps : Excuse my english mistakes, I’ll try to work better at school ahah.

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