Jose Polanco & Alejandro Marques-Puerto Rico session

“A week ago flatlanders Jose Polanco from the Dominican Republic and Alejandro Marques from Venezuela visited Puerto Rico for a contest and to session with me.

Here’s a a short edit of one of our sessions including a ‘comedy’ intro where theytalk about the a religious movement they are creating called ‘Testicules of Kevin Jones’.”

Alejandro y Polanco en Puerto Rico from Ramon on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Jose Polanco & Alejandro Marques-Puerto Rico session

  1. hahahha you wicked conejito,jajajjaja that is hilarious, alejandro rocked it though, great times indeed, thanks for everything, and ride on! I am already getting settled on that evo frame,looking good!

  2. man, new order were so ahead of the curve, I thought it was from the bad lt. album! thanks howard, it was a scorching hot and fun afternoon!

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