9 thoughts on “Josh Briars & Matti Hemmings- Bristol session

  1. Both so smooth! Such a good riding spot there. Remember riding there with Josh and a few of the other guys and a random bunch of people doing a Corona advertisement went through and handed out a bunch of beers! Good times.

    • Sounds good Josh! Wrong time of year now tho, im thinking spring time this is well worth a visit, been talking about meeting up with Ciaran a few times, just hasn’t happened, is this a weekday spot or weekend? how far is it from brstol temple meads?

  2. Yea it’s getting into winter now! it’s weekday an weekend spot. Just at the weekends it can become a bit busy sometimes. for the most part it’s always fine, apart from the public who have no idea to move out the way and walk into you! bout a 5-10 min ride from templemeads.

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