Julien Baran – 1st Place AM / BMX Cologne 2018

This year’s BMX Cologne contest was all about the fresh faces coming through the ranks, and one of the stories of the weekend. Julien Baran made the trip to Cologne with his family and at only 12 years old threw down in finals to keep hold of the first place qualifying spot. To win the BMX Cologne contest at 12 years old is an unbelievable achievement, this kids future is a bright one!

One thought on “Julien Baran – 1st Place AM / BMX Cologne 2018

  1. DAMN, putting my 12-year old game to shame! Oh wait, I wasn’t even riding at that age..
    Seems like this year is all about the young guns at Cologne! The rising tiger from Japan and the rising baguette from France!

    Congrats to Julien, curious to see where he’ll be at 18 years old!

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