14 thoughts on “Jungle rider Akihiko Takahashi

  1. Amazing riding Aki! So much control, his style seems a lot smoother to me, loved the backwards xft jumplash, small example, but that was so smooth in execution.

  2. I honestly can not believe this VIDEO!!!!! WTF.. pumping backwards!! my jaw was dropped the entire time.. OMG.. who pumps backwardssajkscblsjhdCVJLHSDCB Ljshdbvcjhsdb

  3. Everytime I watch Akihiko ride I honestly just say “what the hell!” at the end of the video. Pure talent.

  4. This is next level stuff right there. While I was in Japan I asked Aki to make a small clip with couple of tricks and he comes out with this bad ass clip with full of grazy tricks after very short time… Flatland at a very healthy form! Thank you Aki!

  5. I’m surprised not a soul even mentioned Aki’s name in discussing the NORA cup. I don’t know what his contest standings have been like, but he’s been top dog in terms of Groundtactics thus far and I’d argue he’s been pushing harder than pretty much anyone this year.

    Backward facing jumplash in the semi-final round of GT?? I’ve seen some pretty creative things come out this year, but that rivals just about anything in terms of difficulty.

    He’s come out with several edits this year not just with one or two quick bangers, but minutes worth of solid new substance.

    The new bike looks sick too! Looks like a comfy and strong ride. Props!

    • Good points Pete! Sadly contest placings “seem” to count for more, i only considered Aki once i typed my list…..perhaps im part of the problem.. maybe flatland as whole needs to look at what matters, pun intended by the way…

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