One thought on “Kaitaya BMX Kids School

  1. SO MUCH respect to Yosuke YORK Uno for taking the TIME , coaching the NEXT generations of shredders ! I KNOW he HAS to be EXTREMLY busy designing , selling , promoting , representing ARES . Not to mention STILL pushing / progressing his OWN riding ! ALWAYS have been a huge fan of his since the 2-HIP bikes , BURNING BIKE comp back in September 1999 ! THAT was his LAST CHANCE to promote / display ARES bikes here in the U.S.A. …………………………..and he SHREDDED at that comp , made a HUGE impression , CONTINUED doing just THAT for yeeeeeeeaaaarrrsss to come here in the U.S. !! Yosuke is GIVING back to the sport , much like Effraim is …………..cant put a price on THAT , cause youre SHAPING / KEEPING the blood flowing for the sport !!

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