Kaputko aka Empty Mind – Steamroller practice

“Kaputko aka Empty Mind is one of the few riders from Bratislava (Capital of Slovakia), where Flatland is in a big decline. He wants to learn X-handed Steamrollers, which he´s been learning for two and a half year. In this video we can see him a little nervous and angry, but like he says: “Flatland teaches me to build a stronger mentality”. Kaputko is sending his greetings to a small, but still stable Flatland.sk community and encourages the others for more riding!”

Thanks for documenting Kaputko, keep trying, as they say the struggle is real!

2 thoughts on “Kaputko aka Empty Mind – Steamroller practice

  1. don’t stop trying bro, u will learn them. Like E wrote” the struggle is real “. but so will the rewards be when u learn the trick. nothing beats the feeling of personal progression. never give up

  2. For a trick that is as prominent as it is, x-hand steamrollers are super awkward for me and I never got them to a point where I could do much with them. There’s something about the body position required that I just can’t get for some reason, and when I used to bother with them, I could never figure out how to pump them into wider circles; they’d always end up in a pumping tight spin instead.
    …in other words, I am down with Kaputoko’s struggles. lol

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