9 thoughts on “Kasahara Takuji – Mostly True (Part8)

  1. That video features Osada Syuichi and Miura Hirokasu among other less known killers..
    Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAezk-DzrWw
    Other few samples at the moment:

    On a side note, On The Low video is pretty good too, without mentioning the Clap serie (1, 2, 3 day) or the “old” G-R videos (059 brand), but there are TONS of japanese flatland videos that can make tell they are the best flatland videos!!

  2. Ah sorry I didn’t check back E, ya there’s the back of the DVD. So many good parts man. First time I ever cried watching flatland. Call me whatever you want haha.

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