Keelan Phillips Bikecheck 2012

Frame: khe maceto pro (daneil dhers frame, really light)
Fork: real old dragonfly ones
Handlebars: khe pluma
Barends: not sure got given these by a mate!
Stem: khe affix
Grips: odi
Griplocks: none
Brakes: none
Tyres: front comet, rear khe
Tubes: tesco 😉
Pegs: old khe pegs
Seatpost: khe
Seatclamp: in frame
Seat: watanabe plastic
Chain adjustor: none
Chain: real basic zinc
Cranks: khe 2 peice
Chainring: zion
Pedals: oddysey
Rims: khe
Front hub: khe 36
Freecoaster: 32 geisha , the original! had it over 6 years and never opened it up once!
Spokes: khe

Any modifications:
just angle grinded down the front pegs to make them smooth to put grip tape on.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
nothing specific, only thing i do is always push the seat all the wy forward on the rails, thats it!

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
yea, i wouldnt take brakes off just because its trendy, when starting you want to try and learn lots of different tricks! and then when you find your own style it depends on what tricks you do to take them off or not…

5 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips Bikecheck 2012

  1. well i see your khe maceto pro 2012 frame looks exactly like mine, with no frame decals, pretty sad……I bought the complete maceto pro 2012 bike and it came as a flat red frame, other then that, love the bike, reliable and light as hell 18.8lbs

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