Keelan Phillips Concrete Circus

Last night Channel 4 ran a hour and a half programme, dedicated to the rise in viral videos online, the programme featured a Mountain biker, a skateboarder, a free runner, and UK flatlander Keelan Phillips, flatland got so much coverage last night, the programme documented their journey along the way, this is the final edit by Kendy Ty. Check it out!

8 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips Concrete Circus

  1. Respect to keelan for getting flatland out there in such a cool way. People in my office were talking about this video today!

  2. that’s how flatland should be portrayed in mass media.this is a perfect example,great filming great riding it shows right away how hard and beautiful flatland is,no clown shit!big pros to keelan for this,made my day 🙂

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