17 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips – Contour Roam UK

  1. Yet again, my name is mention in comments. You can have your own views on things just dont add me into it. Like I’ve said in passed with comments f**k forums get off your computer just enjoy doing your thing.

  2. God Effraim delete these 2 comments above so sad to see and just for the record he doesn’t ride a Chimera ,get a life really i mean it get a life Taul Pong ( daft name) you stink get a life your laughable ,personal insults are the easiest form of attack hiding behind your computer , just another jealous moron.

  3. I always think its cool that Keelan does most of his tricks clockwise but time machines counter clockwise… Why is that? Can he do time machines clockwise too? It would be cool to see some direction turning time machines like in those new Phil Dolan edits.

    What is a Geordie?

  4. from Taul Pong to Trollminator ,guess deed poll were busy yesterday.Thats it i’m done feel free to write more crap whatever your name is next time haha.

  5. Amazing Richard Roma really wanted to know that, my name is Michael Jackson but i go under a fake name to hide my identity and at the drop of a hat i’ll do a Moonwalk for you yes i’m still alive, god give me strength haha

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