Keelan Phillips "Low-Kee" bikecheck

Photos and text contributed by KP.
Frame: Zion low-kee real happy with how it all turned out, I got a couple prototypes when i was testing it, gave 1 to my mate lee, and 1 to lee musselwhite, they both love them too
Bars: cirrus bars i like the higher rise and 2 peice
Grips: some crappy grips that I stole off a saracen mtb
Stem:bizhouse as it so short, I think I’ve had this for over 5 years now!
Wheels: khe geisha 32’s, I really had my doubts about running these cuz I thought they would break, but they hold up well and really light.
Crank: khe 2 peice, simple and less bolts to do up.
Pedals: I’ve had the same Odyssey plastic pedals for 6 years and there still going strong!
Tyres: Comet on front, and Frequency g on back,tried one of them P lyte things other day thats pretty good too.
Seat: One of them watanabe things, its actually uncomfortable to sit on haha but doesnt wear when it scrapes the floor and its lasted a long time so its good.
Pegs: metal tantra pegs on front, plastic alchemy pegs on back, I like having the plastic 1s on the back especially when i ride indoors and my bike falls down it doesnt mess up the floor.

Tell me about your bike Keelan?-
Back in the day i used to break parts all the time, but I think(hope) i’m a little smoother these days , and once you go a bit lighter you want to go more and more lighter, so I now run 32 spoke wheels front and back, and plastic pegs on the back too,ive also got 8 inch rise cirrus bars now, I prefer the higher bars alot,some tricks feel weird when i put them on but overall I think i get a bit more bike control with higher bars, also I cant ride anything but a comet on the front, I have to have that tyre,anything else and I cant ride properly,and I change the colour every couple months,think im gonna go back to chrome plated soon, you cant beat that colour!
I noticed a few holes on your bike,influence from James White there?
Haha james bike looks stupid light, when i got my frame i had to test it and ride it hard,and i wanted it slightly lighter but still to keep the strength, so i drilled holes in the seattube, bb and headtube, to lose a bit of weight and to see if it would crack or bend under pressure (and it didnt!), so when the final frames were made, we could make the seatube , bb and headtube slightly thinner and lighter knowing the strength is still there.

I know you’ve always like the straight tubed frame and 2 piece bars why is that?
I’m not saying i dont like bendy or cross tubes frames, i just like my bike to look normal! bmx back the day was simple, normal looking frame and 2 peice bars, thats how i think a bmx should be, so you can differ on weight,angles lengths etc, but in no way do i feel a straight tubed frame makes riding any harder, I just prefer the look of it,and I think part of it may be down to my cousin and loads of mates are street riders,and they would take this piss.
Whats your plans for this year then?
Keep myself busy doing shows with musselwhite, keep filming new tricks, I also wanna get back into comps this year,problem is sometimes it can be expensive to get around to them, but definitely wanna go to a few this year for sure.

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