Keelan Phillips – November 2018

We don’t see enough of Keelan Phillips here on Flatmattersonline, so today I am stoked to share his latest November 2018 edit. keen has one of the most solid and best styles in the game. Always refining what he is doing, each line is pretty much perfect technique. Go hit play and get stoked for your session today!

11 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips – November 2018

  1. Savage nose manual line for sure! Pure dopeness. He also always makes that series of fast pump turbine hikers look so good, and so fun. This guy’s style gets me stoked.
    Sounded like a wu-tang track in there, really liked the sample that loops, anyone got a name for it?

  2. I really like the little details. Like instead of just dumping the bike down after the cliff at the end of the first line, he does the peg boomerang out after the cliff. I think sometimes that is progression – easy to keep dong the same thing over and over, but to add a small twist makes a big difference!

  3. !!!!!! Man , I think back to how skilled Keelan ALREADY was back when he destroyed / won @ the Ninja Spin comp , back in 2006 , and bruuuuuuuuv , his riding / style is just SLLAAAAAAAMMING these day . What /where hes taking nose manuals …….Its just really incredible / fun to watch , and damn is his style of riding great to watch , as Ruben Castillo would say …..Totally attacking the bike , FURIOUS style ! He shoulda been in M.O.C. , I swear , man .

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