5 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips off Zion

  1. He's apparently riding for Chimera Bikes. If you sift through the bunch of uselessness and negativity on the global-flat forums, it's on there some where.

  2. story is, zion made the prototypes about 3 years ago, they went into production and sold really well, they never sent him anything else, and when he wanted to update the frame and do a second version ,mislav wasnt bothered.
    so he had a custom frame made by chimera which he payed for , so all hes riding for is stylebicycles-

  3. Leave Lee alone truth hurts ,he's a top rider who deserves better ,hope he is happy in his new sponsor seems a lot of riders switch sponsors regularly due to being mistreated or not respected,Keelan we all love you man UK represent.

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