Keelan Phillips wins World bmx battle

The world bmx battle has just finished, the battle moved to Keelans dance studio, great atmopshere and great vibe between the riders, some epic battles, ESP the battle with myself and keelan,Whitey juggled his way to second winning battles with Phil,and Jay… Phil Dolan looked like never been away from the contest circuit!!! Lee musselwhite also made a return and busted out as well, Jason forde busted, as I said great vibe…I wasn’t planning to ride, as arrived late Saturday, the event had a level vibes feel to it.Good banter between battles esp between myself, James White and Phil Dolan. Great stuff!! Only sam Foakes missing!!
1st Keelan Phillips
2nd James White
3rd Phil Dolan
4th Flat matters

Don’t know rest of results….

5 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips wins World bmx battle

  1. I was stoked on the ams that got involved, Lee Wilson busted out, Stu Mac had a diff flavour gutlever jump direct to steam, Marcelo with his blenders, we need more events like this… Stuff is in the pipeline people, so keep it tuned on FM and lets make it happen…

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