Keisuke Tanigawa – 09

It’s been a while since a full Keisuke Tanigawa edit dropped, and this gets progressively more out of hand as the edit goes on! At around 2:31, The xft ankledeath ride in boomerang kick to opposite xft hang five on the right foot jump through the frame to spinning ck on the same foot is incredible, i’ve already rewound this several times to comprehend what’s going on! Definitely give this one a watch! Thanks to Flatism for sending this in!

8 thoughts on “Keisuke Tanigawa – 09

  1. Jeeeeesuss.

    That looks like it was filmed in one session as well. I sometimes wonder if I would have been a whole lot better if I was a little smaller because the way he dances and pivots around the bike looks like it’s just so effortless for him. Like a snappy shintaro with brakes.

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