4 thoughts on “Keith Harrison – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. I vote that extra grip on the left side of his bars.

    Also, come see Keith at MapleVibes in Toronto March 4-6. Link in my bio. Just tap my name above. Thank you and see you there!!

  2. FIRST OF ALL………… the sound effects remind me of BIG E aka EFFRAIM CATLOWS sound effects from his EPIC part in the KHE BIKES -COSA NOSTRA video part where hes NAILING all kinds of FULL BARS in his combos !!! REMEMBER that BIG E ?????? SECOND OF ALL , SHREDDING EDIT !!!! LOVED your UNDER hand half bars during your lards and lung spins , your steam to REGULAR right circle k , your smooth side yards , half packers ,etc !!! PROPS to you KEITH !!!! KEEEEEEP RIPPPPPPPING MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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