7 thoughts on “Kestrel Roopnarine- Promo 2

  1. The court you see Keegan and myself riding on is not the Trevlon flatland park that is a spot I discover and started to ride there it was easy to ride there I got ran from there so many times it not funny they realise I just want to ride an not cause no trouble cause I keep coming back so I create the scene down at that spot you see my video in! Lots of Riders come at that spot to ride even Kestrel! Like I stated in the other videos we send do an interview with me…This is what everyone is about I am the president of this company bringing the Caribbean one step closer http://www.facebook.com/pages/Caribbean-Freestyle-Association/102065361416

  2. the Flat park is all good Effraim its just far from where we all live and we have closer spots to home my spot is right outside where I live.
    when I ride with Brad Lee I usually stay over night because of the distance, peace and respect

  3. Why build on some thing out of area? :S What ever man the scene will be built differently and some where else.. By people who believes in unity..The kind of non-respect I get from flatland pro’s compare to street/park riders world wide and in my local country is far much better do not worry Effraim soon a new face will create the scene but not just representing himself/ herself but an entire embody of extreme community. Why should I be pro to be something or get recognize…I end with a 🙂

  4. His facial expression at the end of the video describes why we all ride…man it feels good to pull off that combo you worked so hard on. Nice job man.

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