3 thoughts on “Kestrel Roopnarine- work in progress

  1. i’m all for supporting up and coming riders, but posting a video where the first four links aren’t even pulled on the premiere flatland site is ridiculous. i’m sorry but people need to earn such things, otherwise we’re going to be seeing kids pulling their first endo’s on here.

    • I wouldnt say ridiculous, are you saying you have to be a certain standard to be featured on flatmatters? I actually liked that some of the stuff wasnt pulled, found it refreshing. I published this one, because Kestrel is progressing a lot, it’s good to document this progression, and show the faults sometimes, realistic you might say.

  2. I think one should be up to a certain standard to be on anything, but this isn’t my site so i don’t set the standards. It would be ok if some of the stuff wasn’t pulled if it was groundbreaking. Bobby Carter always did this way

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