Kevin Jacob – Back in Town II

We have a sunday treat for you all! One of the freshest talents coming out of the French flatland scene in the last few years is this guy Kevin Jacob. Who recently moved back to Lyon a few months ago and teamed up with 3K Image to work on this project. Kevin has the nose manual game on lock, so much control on regular version which he does around the spot, back pedalling (00:11) Xft (00:28), not to mention some really nice downside whiplash variations 00:52, 1:17, and a whole lot more! This is a really good watch, don’t sleep on this!

4 thoughts on “Kevin Jacob – Back in Town II

  1. So much good stuff in here! Highlights for me included:

    Longest x ft nose manual I’ve ever seen
    Forwards to backwards jumplash combo
    Downside whiplashes
    Turbined backpacker to x ft hiker
    His hair

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