Kevin Jacob M O C’s teaching

Kevin Jacob has been stacking clips for several months whilst the Master of Creativity contest has been going down, great style and seriously hard rolling lines out of this shredder from Lyon, France. At just over 5 mins long, Grab a cuppa, sit down and enjoy this one!

4 thoughts on “Kevin Jacob M O C’s teaching

  1. Theres some edits you just HAVE TO …….go back and watch them multiple times , to RE-take in the high level of difficulty in them , no matter WHEN they came out ….THIS one , right here , is one of em !! DAMN , son ! Multiple downside whiplashes , in a tight circles , double bottom bracket stance nose manuals , JUMP lashes , forward AND backwards , STEM lashes , even just like ,HOPPING up to them , ALL these moves nailed , within links , just tossed in , haha… TOTAL hammer style links ! Another edit to wake my ass up , TIMES 7 …hahaha……Kevin does some HAARRDD sh-t on dat bike , M.O.C. style riding @ its best , for sure ……2016 edit ….and STILL , it RIPZ !!!

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