4 thoughts on “Kevin Jacob – Toulouse

  1. Ive been peeping this cats whiplash / nose manual combos for a while now………Especially after seeing some of his M.O.C. stuff……..F-k , man …..Im sold , hahaha . Kevins lashes to smoooooooth / unexpected regular leg plastic man , that RAD AZ F-K double foot b.b. stance nose manual , etc …..Loved all the lines in this short hammer edit ….as well as this BANGING track that fits the swag / attitude of his riding !! I love Boobas music , would love to know just which French artists song this is . Mr. Jacobs always bring that rolling fire to the pavement ……making me an INSTANT fan , Keep ripping , campeon !!

    • Kev is a Killer on The bike and we filmer this in 15 minuts !!! Yeah The song fits the riding perfectly ! It’s Romeo Elvis from Bruxelles !

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