8 thoughts on “Kevin Jones: Dope Ammo 665 1/2

  1. All of the Hoods riding to this day still blows me away. Always was and still is on another level. Much respect to them for creating what we now know as modern day flatland.

  2. Amazing.

    The York jam around this time (maybe same weekend ells filmed KJ and Co) was my first one. Still ranks as one of my favorite bmx moments. Too, funny how many video cameras (VHS!!) throughout. Even Hal and Leigh filmed some of Chase for ‘baking with Leigh’ that same weekend… Thanks for posting these…

  3. He changed the course of Flatland …….forever ! Death truck dropped to fudge packer , tea kettle step up to frame stance tomahawk scuff to roll , that crazy , looks like he’s gonna do a Fajita decade…..nope , haha…..he just top rocks , finds the rear peg and pretty much invents ANOTHER decade variation . He was the freestyle link king , dude ……look at that Woody Whip where he , at the last possible second , switched feet to a decade ! Those bars big elephant whips , to front yard spins , his signature high speed elephant screamer , even one handed / footed ! The K is beyond legend status . If you’re talking anything about Flatland …..then his name better be dropped . No exceptions …..know and respect your history ! When Rob “Tex ” Thayer was here in San Antonio riding with me and all the S.A. crew back in Fall of 2003 one night he was explaining to me just how good Jones was . Rob said that sometimes when he got to their riding spot for the daily session.( Rob lived in York for a bit .) He said Kevin would have something new to show him EVERY day , haha. Rob said Kevin would do said new trick / variation and Rob would say ” WHAT ??! Do that again ! ” and Kevin would jokingly say………” no . ” and never do the new trick / variation again , haha…Rob described that as a key to Kevin’s MASSIVE bag of tricks that STILL haven’t been really seen . Bobby Fisher also told me in 1944 that Kevin was doing P-decades , TURN BUCKET style ….only using his left rear peg to push off and land on . ( rocket to rocket . ) Bobby said that was just a RIDE OUT after a link of his…………………

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