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Martti and Chad are working hard to bring flatland back to what its all about, hard tricks and creation. This online contest will hopefully bring some crazy progression and push the sport to new levels and bring out some new talent for the online commuinty to see, yours truly is helping judge this, which im pretty stoked on.Let me finsih by saying this is just the start, Martti has bigger stuff planned for next year already, that will be released soon!

Dear pro rider/friend/company owner/business men,
please find on the flyer what me and Chad Johnston has been up to lately. As you can see that we really care for the future of flatland and we want to see it going to a positive direction. And what would be the best way to make things happen in a worldwide scale? Internet competition. That makes it possible for poor and rich riders all over the world to be part of it and show their skills.
As we all know the size of flatland scene pretty much then you realize that we are not after big benefits out of this project. We want to help. We want to push people to go next level and talk to their friends to get involved in flatland.
So, why I write you all this?
It is because now I am offering you a fair change to be a partner in this project. You can be involved as a sponsor with your company. You can be involved as a supporter (you get your name mentioned on our website along with a photo) or you can be just a hang around guy. We do not require oblications from you. Just if we can use your name/company name on the sponsor/supporter/friend list on our website and if you feel like donating something you can do so and the rider at the end will remember who donated.

Ok. There is one more thing I need to ask if you would like to be part of this. It is 50 EUR entry from you. The riders donĀ“t need to pay to enter but as we all have been to the scene long time and we all have some other things going on in life besides hardcore riding only I know that all the guys can afford 50 EUR. If not, then donate smaller amount. I am cool with any donation (if you are rich, donate more and you get a special award).

But the reason to get this 50 EUROS is that we want to pay the plane ticket to the winner of this competition to a big pro competition where he/she can proove his/her skills.
I could get this plane ticket money from a bigger corporate companies but to be honest, I do not want such image for this one. This is strictly from riders to riders competition. We share good things in life.

Please e mail me your answer by 25th of august and after that date we are ready to roll and launch our own website.

I really appreciate your help in this one and hope your participance!
Best regards,


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  1. This last month flatland has Been massive in flatland, the world circuit, trevlons opening of the first flatground park, and now this, you have three elements all taken care of, the sport side, ie world circuit, grassroots with trevlons work, and now marttis project to push the riders, this will be big for flat… With the plans martti has after talking to him today, I can say 2010 will be a big year for flat, I'm psyched!!! Excited to be part of this video project, and hope we get entries from riders who can't make the contests!

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