4 thoughts on “Khaled Huerta – IGI Switch

  1. Love the sound of those loose spokes ! Just shows you that mi hermano is always riding HARD , learning , creating dope lines on BOTH wheels . Im really , really stoked Khaled is receiving a lot of support for his superb bike riding AND superb attitude . I feel its been a long time coming and was bound to happen ! So rad it is !!! Khaled , your combos on both wheels are damn stylish , as they are technical ……AND bruuuuuuv , they FLOW like water . Keep ruling dat bike , campeon , congrats on this years M.O.C. , the contest placings , your sponsors , I.G.I. , Chris Bohm , etc ………and for keeping your progression SLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMED ..for these past 3 years ! Salud , ripper !!!!!!

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