4 thoughts on “Khaled Huerta – My friend is best cyclist

  1. Love the sound of the tire when you’re spinning & that 1 handed fork wheelie. Smooth riding & thanks for this.l think I’ll watch it again.

  2. Damn , Khaled is so damn SLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMED with his long , flowing , stylish combos ! Really proud of this cat , Ive been a fan of his riding since 2016 . He FULLY deserves all the support , sponsors , accolades that hes been receiving since 2017 ! A humble rider , and …….a BEAST of a rider ! Proof ??!! How bout his bars big , cross right pumping fire haul , inside circle……. switching to X-arm hold to bar flip , uncrossing his arms to Dave duster – seatless hold Kar….to IMMEDIATE boomerang / turbine to cross , pumping Karl, starting these transitions @ 15 seconds !! Khaled learns NEW variations , techniques ….and just tosses em in da mix of LONG lines where ever / whenever in the combo, he feels like it , haha. As in , he learns em……DIALS em ENOUGH to place em ….ANYWHERE he wants in ANY link of his……..THAT , and his DAILY progression , to me……SCREAMS volumes . SALUD , Khaled ! KEEP ruling , bruv . AGREED with ya Tristan…..think I HAVE to watch this line …..AGAIN !

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