4 thoughts on “Khaled Huerta: The little jump

  1. Khaled is SO damn rad ! Gracias , TIMES 7 , E ……for finding / posting this lil clip of his . Loving that STYLED OUT swag he just playing around with during this link …….crossing his hand on his shoulder , that double foot fire haul spin / turbine ,@ 15 SECONDS , as hes switching to cross footed , its so CRISPY / DIALED , you can just hear him STOMPING DOWN, as he lands on the peg . His cross fire haul HOP is a lil STYLED OUT quirk that I dig also . I swear bruv ……..I saw Khaled on the come up to becoming a TOP rider back in like early 2016 . He reminded me of how Penonzek , Verhallen , and Fatkin were , when they were QUICKLY coming up on their bikes ! I used to post ALOT of Khaled on my F.B. account when I was on there a lot more , back then . He just a SLLLAAAAMMMED DOWN rider with GREAT style on BOTH wheels , hes ALWAYS progressing , AND he ALWAYS throws some dope TECHNICAL switches , MID-LINE during his combos …….He drops so much riding clips online , its very hard to keep up with him , these days…..BUT , that’s a GOOD thing ! Salud , Khaled ! I ll definitely be making it a priority to stay in the know of your awesome riding ! You RULE , hermano , and have earned EVERY sponsor , contest placing , and opportunity that comes your way ! Your I.G.I Peguary video entries were SUPERB , bruv …….KEEP ripping , campeon ….and KEEP posting his riding , Big -E ! THIS makes my morning………….

  2. SICK!
    Sometimes flat can become like an abusive relationship so it’s good to have some fun every once in a while it’s nice to see some enjoying!
    Looks like he wanted to jump again @ 23 seconds to end the combo!

  3. Rodney!!! El jefe!!! I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the support you give me, and every word on this comment!!! I almost cry of happiness to see that my riding remembered you such a sick age of the flatland!!!! You made my night patron!!!!!

    Let’s keep the hard work and looking forward to meet you soon and ride with you my bro Rodney!!! Salud maestro!!!!!!

    All the love and energy hermano!!!!!!!!

  4. All the best to ya , Khaled ! It would RULE to session with ya , campeon ! Couldn’t imagine the lines , and the LEVEL of the lines that you pull during an ENTIRE session , judging by all these lines that ya seem to just knock out , all one AND done style that are posted all over social media…….its evident that youre not only SUPER dialed ……youre ALSO a rider who KEEPS a personal high DIFFICULTY bar that’s set to EVERY / ANY combo that you learn , pull , and get wired ! Like Trevor Meyer , Mates Tucek , Martin Drazil , etc , etc…….ALL the love / energy right back atcha , bruv ! So dope seeing ya rise to being one of the ELITE riders representing the MEXICO bmx FLATLAND scene……..to DOMINATING @ your first F.I.S.E. event …..THEN moving even FURTHER up to a TOP competitor , not only in contest …..ALSO in edits , prestigious online competitions , like that I.G.I PEGUARY comp , and just SLLLLAAAAAMMMMING DOWN your signature combos ALL OVER social media ! RESPECT , hermano ! Youre getting to it like Terry Adams in this BMX game , FULL -STOP , and THAT says ALOT . Ive looked up to Terry since 1999 ……and since 2016 , discovering YOUR riding ….I look up to your abilities the same . KEEP throwing down for I.G.I. , Chris Bohms bmx team roster , your other sponsors , all your bmx crew / hermanos in Mexico , and just for the PROGRESSION and SPIRIT of the art form ……..bmx FLATLAND………

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