King of Concrete 2013 Flatland Results + Photos

Photos: Matthew Dyer.

What an amazing weekend! The Flatmatters contest at KOC 2013 was a treat! So much good riding went down, look out for the official press release tomorrow plus a repo in the next week or so. I’m still totally shattered, thankfully a day off work tomorrow. Enjoy the photos!

Yannick Chauvel from Normandie France, tore it up for the win in Expert Flatland!

Novice Flatland

Anatek Rahain
Callum Emery
Ronnie Surridge
Gabriel Gallon
Nils Vangeois
Issac Aldridge
Troy Hayward
Tom Lepestewi
Harry Naylor
Ben Smith
George Batty
Tom Fowler
Kaine Mitchell
Issac Venn
Sam Jones
Harry Wichman

Great to see the return of Dan Margetts to the UK contest scene this past weekend.

Expert Flatland

Yannick Chauvel
Yinka Thomas
Joe Cicman
Johann Chan
Trevor Oleniuk
Jean-Michel Chauvel
Thomas Legrand
Chris Carter

Matti Hemmings made a big impression at King of Concrete, killing it all day! No hand one foot coasting backyard mid combo.

Pro Flatland – Prize Money £1000 sponsored by Flatmatters.

Thomas Noyer
Keelan Phillips
Jean-Francois Boulainne
Matti Hemmings
James White
Mark Kuhlmann
Josh Briars
Andy Hale
Jason Forde
Dan Margetts
Amos Burke

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