King of Concrete Repo!

Text: Effraim.
Photos: Matthew Dyer, Effraim and Jay Twist.

Yinka had a great first run at KOC earning second place. No handed Lung Spin.

Great to see Josh Briars in Southsea this year, loved this xft side pedal 5 whip to fire hydrant half whopper out!

As with everything I do, I try to put my maximum effort into the project otherwise theres no point. As I approach my 40th birthday, I see my role very different in the flatland scene than even 5 years ago. Everyone knows of course the website has grown into a full time job pretty much. But, much more than that I am trying to put on the most legit contest possible, whilst not losing the roots of what all this about in the first place, “King of Concrete”.
Last year, as I reflected on the event, the only thing I came back to was “King of Concrete” the name has to change. So after a few chats with the OG founders of KOC, my parents Geoff and Jenni Catlow. It was on.
But….. There was no point to just change the name and thats all, that is not enough, it was a cold Decembers day as I rode a wet waitrose car park, it was one of those sessions where you got something on your mind so you go through the paces, but your minds not on the riding. I started brainstorming as the rain poured, it was definitely a moment I was having. “I have to step things up, lets aim for £2000 prize money.
Originally that was all going to be donated by me pretty much, but thankfully EXTREME stepped up!
Over the past few years, Flatland and Park have been the two best events so I wanted to acknowledge that! Split the cash in half, and £1000 per discipline would be a good start!

JFB threw down two dialled runs for third place spot at KOC! Thanks for support JF!

Matti and yours truly, during Expert Flat.

Matti made a big impression last weekend, killer runs. And would have had podium spot if he landed this one!

The King of Concrete philosophy is not about your 1, 2, 2.5 minute run, but the whole package. The sessions in the days running up to contest, the friendships you make, the parties, and of course the riding!
For me, as I now reflect on the event, the only thing that didn’t go to plan was the weather, cloudy and windy which had an effect on some of the runs but that’s out of my control. This summer, has been the best summer I can remember for many years, sods law the sketchy days were the event days. Now its golden sunshine all week.

Beers and flatland discussions, Honest Politician Saturday Night! All a big part of the KOC vibe!

Killer riding from Thomas Noyer all weekend long. One of the highlights of the weekend for sure.

The philosophy seems to be shining bright through the riders, this year the likes of Mark Kuhlmann, James White, Johann Chan, Mark Cunners, Trevor Oleniuk, Joe Cicman, Thomas Noyer all made the trip early to session and soak up the southsea vibes.
The sessions and atmosphere all week leading up to the event were amazing. The itch to ride, even though I was so busy all summer to focus properly on riding was killing me. I kept saying to myself, this is about the bigger picture, forget me. This was almost a daily discussion amongst everyone, all I can say is I am most definitely feeling the love. One of the chats with Joe Cicman, Trevor Oleniuk, Mark Cunners, and Mark Kuhlmann was one of the most moving moments of the weekend hands down. To me, hearing such positive comments makes all the effort and sacrifice well worth it. Thanks guys!

I will be announcing dates for next year pretty soon!


Effraim Catlow

18 thoughts on “King of Concrete Repo!

  1. Going to a contest is so much more than the two runs you put down in your class. It’s about the journey, the destination, and all the good people and good times in between. I have never been across the Atlantic for a contest before. I had planned to do one overseas contest this year and I chose KOC for that, and I’m glad I did. I grew personally, I made many friendships, met many great riders and experienced a new culture. A huge thanks goes out to Effraim & Johann and their girlfriends, Trevor O, Trevor L, Cunners, and Joe C who were the core of this contest for me. The chats and experiences were amazing. I hope to be able to come back again, I know next year if I can’t be there I’ll be completely gutted watching the tweets and photos stream in.

    • Thanks for the great comment mark!

      The event definitely grew this year, the addition alone of the video replay after runs was a huge progression for King of Concrete and for flatland in general! The results didn’t take any longer than the average contest, so it makes total sense to take the time for what we all work so hard for.

  2. “Originally that was all going to be donated by me pretty much”
    If it has been happening, that would have been crazy and bad in a sense, coz that’s really not the appropriate way to finance a event.
    Personnaly, if I was a winner of a contest where the prize money was coming from the pockets of people/riders organizing the event, and not from companies, I would feel very embarrassed to take the money…..

    Great article, as very very often!! One of the thing that can give the idea to come to your event!

    • @hibou – I see what your saying, but luckily i was able to donate as flatmatters is now picking up advertising money so that helped out a lil’ bit towards the £1000 I donated. I wanted to be able to say I gave maximum effort and support, which I feel I’ve done. So I am in a position to give back to the sport I love after so many great years competing.

  3. This felt like much more than a contest.

    Got to meet lots of new great riders and got to share lots of new ideas.
    All that on top of being part of a really long-running contest series. I remember watching videos of DeGroot there in the 90’s. It’s an iconic location.

    I’ll encourage Am riders to start a savings account today to fund their way to KOC 2014. It’ll be something huge that you’ll never forget.

    • was great to meet you Joe. Loved the downside no handed halfpacker jugglers and more importantly the great atmosphere in the flatland sessions with you and mark leading up to the contest plus pub banter was entertaining always!

  4. Effraim, first of all great write up. I don’t think words & photos or even the videos can begin to explain the vibe that was there. It was very obvious you had put your all into this contest. I was not aware you put your own money into it too! This is a really noble thing to do, in any sport, not just Flatland! It was my first time at KOC & i will most definitely be back! It was nice to see Adrian there, we sat watching the runs, talking about what was going down. This is only the second contest/jam i have been to this year since my “return to Flatland” & i must say Flatlanders are some of the nicest people in BMX! You guys were very welcoming, almost everyone said hello, waved, thumbs up whatever, people knew i was there & that was pretty damned cool! I look forward to becoming more integrated into the UK Flatland scene & if my Saturday at KOC was anything to go by, i don’ think i’ll be leaving again anytime soon!

  5. What we have in flatland is unheard of to most people. When I told people I was going to England for less than a week, people thought I was crazy. I felt the need to justify this sort of short trip, but I have to say I would do it again. The efforts that all of us make to connect with our fellow flatland brothers is something unique to our sport, and it’s awesome. King of Concrete was no different. Thanks Effraim for providing such a great opportunity to experience another part of the world and for giving me a reason to make new friends and see old ones. I will surely be back some day.

  6. Glad to hear so much positive words towards the UK scene. KOC was awesome, I am glad I made the effort to attend this event for the first time. Well done to Effraim for not only organising flatland contest but doing something amazing for BMX as he didn’t just organise a flatland event. Great to meet all riders that came outside UK aswell hopefully meet again..

  7. this years koc has completely changed my outlook on riding and I have got all the guys there to thank for this, never thought I would be lookin at flatland like this but I am and lovin it, good times have been had and are comin

  8. been a long time since i last visited southsea (koc 2000 my last) and originally intended to compete but circumstances out of my control meant I ended up leaving the bike home and just shot photos instead- and again only down for the day and not the whole weekend as i used to do. it totally made a change from filming which i did for 91,93-2000 and not only flatland but really enjoyed shooting with wingham in the keyhole. always been a good vibe at koc and this was no different. the turnouts aren’t as many but all were still having a great time. if it grows to the crowd and rider participation as 93-95 then you have a monster on your hands E. hopefully i’ll be back next year and hopefully dust down the tricks for an airing on flatground. king of concrete was a success to me (and i’m almost 42) but i spoke to some of the young local riders (18-20) from the welsh valleys who attended thurs-monday and also competed and the whole thing about southsea and lifestyle they loved and said they’ll deffo be coming back next year and the year after…. a job well done E.

  9. Hey guys, just thought i’d post this up. I have been talking about KOC on Vital BMX Forums & there is a Thread about goals you would like to achieve whilst riding. I posted how after seeing Matti do the No Footed Death Truck i HAD to learn it. A few people asked what one was so i posted up the picture of Matti doing it. Matti if you see this check out the link i am posting. A lot of the guys are stoked on it haha.

    [URL=,2/BMX-goals-youd-like-to-achieve,1287078]Vital BMX Forums Thread[/URL]

    Check it out 🙂


  10. Effraim, i posted a comment with a web link in it & it hasn’t showed up, i am guessing its to stop spam in the comments right?

    Basically i posted a Link to Vital BMX Forums, There is a Thread called BMX Goals you’d like to achieve? I mentioned KOC & seeing Matti trying the No Footed Death Truck i HAD to learn it. A few people asked me to explain the trick so i did then posted the picture of Matti doing it. The guys are stoked! Matti you are getting major props from the Street guys! As is Flatland I am trying to get as many people to check out Flat Matters & the videos of KOC!

  11. Good work mate! Good job to everyone who made it there. Nice to see a lot of UK riders making the effort to get there as well as the internationals. Roll on next year!!!

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