King of Southsea results!

Great day at Southsea Skatepark today, thanks to everyone who showed up and rode their hearts out! Was so good to see everyone show up and support the event! I’m pretty stoked how it went today! The sun blazed, about to hit the after party!

Thanks to Flatware for title sponsorship of the event, plus Deep BMX and Function flatland store for helping out with prizes!
I dont have all the results with me right now, so heres a kick run down.I can only remember Pro and Am top 3, full results and repo will be next week sometime.

1= Effraim Catlow/Keelan Phillips
2- James White
3-Jason Forde
4-Phil Dolan
6- Gabor
7- Steve Green


1- Yannick Chauvel
2- Mike P
3- Ashley Adams

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