7 thoughts on “Knee five juggler take 362

  1. how did nikola olic come to the US, destroy ass at the ’95 mysterious contest in alabama, then just disappear from the scene till i saw clocked footy of him this year?

  2. god who cares about the rider lol .. .LOOK AT THAT SPOT… if u dont get good at that spot then somethings wrong :p haha

  3. damn, im surprised and glad to see anybody commenting on my silly little link. yes, it was great competing in alabama and a lot of other places back in the 90s. now its equally fun riding with will redd at the awesome Enchanted Slab and just playing around with new combos. and russian choral music 🙂

    also, effraim catlow has been a legend and an idol through my serbian/usa flatland life, so just being mentioned on this website adds a wonderful dimension to the whole thing.


    • Great to see you still riding Nikola, I saw the stance on the one handed karl into the juggler and thought it was you, but wasnt so sure. Keep documenting Nikola!!! And thanks for the respect, means a lot!

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