KOG vids flooding in already…

From the land of rising of sun and technology like no other, its no wonder that videos are flooding out already, feast your eyes on these, great stuff!!!

Qualifying Mix

Keisuke Tanigawa, expert winner.

Ishijima vs Viki..

Kitiyama vs Matthias

6 thoughts on “KOG vids flooding in already…

  1. Keisuke tanigawa is so smooth, I think it's great for the riding standard they have strict rules on am and pros. You look at the worlds last week, 35 pros and not all were pro standard.

  2. I will ask Taku and let you know Lee, its something like top 30 guys in kog standing keep pro status, so basicaly if you slack off then you lose your status. Then I guess you must be top 3 am to make it to pro, but i will confirm…

  3. Totally down with Akira's run in the Mix there.

    Shinde's stuff stood out and looks mental.

    MD ftw… just for the constant consistant flo, street-flat and dabbling cliffhanger to messiah attempt….

    Good to see MK taking the Front brake off!
    (Give him a kick ramp and a quarter pipe set-up again!! )lol

    Ucchie completely KILLS it for me overall.

    All Awesome videos.

    Thanks Effraim!

  4. Ucchie is the standout of the bids for me, killer back wheel combos. I'm loving the am footage, that element of surprise is quite refreshing..

  5. Taku sent in the rules, read this…

    expert winer can enter pro and top 3 rankings of expert can enter pro from next year.
    pros, they have to keep top 20 rankings, if not they drop off expert. so that means moto didnt enter first stage and taka didnt enter this time due to injury, so they will lost pro lisence next year.
    but there is some exception, if we enter other world circuit comps( voodoo, ninja spin this year) and make it to final we can enter kog pro class.
    thats the rules.

    Thats crazy that Moto will be expert next year!!!! Hes argueably the most progressive dude in japan right now……..

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