KOXX and A BAD THING Are Officially Over!

A Bad Thing TM Jean Bulhon hit me up with some bad news today, heres what he had to say:

“A BAD news today, KOXX and A BAD THING are officially over, new projects is comming and I don’t know if flatland will be on. I’d like to thanks KOXX for their support during these last 3 years and the team, Dez, Kevin and Thomas for their jobs. I’m pretty sure all of them will be OK.
I’d like to thanks all peoples who supported us and the brand BIG up to all of you! Keep riding and see you soon. Jean B.”

One thought on “KOXX and A BAD THING Are Officially Over!

  1. Should have ended when Alex, Raph and Matthias moved on. Can’t even understand why KOXX would try and keep it going when those 3 guys WERE it.

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