KTGM Jam Summer 2014

Olivér Kállai just sent in this amazing KTGM Jam edit, filmed in Budapest, Hungary during the summer. Great riding from the likes of Pal Gyenes, Oliver Kallai, Gabor Szmetanko, Denes Katona and many more. Highlights on the first watch were Oliver’s nose wheelie multiple whiplashes line at the 2:38 is amazing, and Denes Katona drops an ridiculous xft jumplash xft hitch juggler line at the 5:50 mark, but theres a ton more from a whole heap of riders and styles. This is a good watch!

3 thoughts on “KTGM Jam Summer 2014

  1. Awesome riding by all. Looks like a great, fun jam. The jumplash / x foot whiplash stuff was really insane. So many great riders I had no idea even existed!

  2. Good job!! that is such a nice video!! and such a very good promotion if the hungarian scene that seems to be diverse and great!! And maybe not all the riders there are on that video. Great job once again, props to the riders, filmers and editor Oliver. That gives ideas to go there to live an “hungarian flatland experience”

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