Lachlan Cameron – First BMX Session / 2018

I was thinking Lachlan Cameron and his crew would be snowed under out on the canadian east coast but that doesn’t loo to be the case. Love the look of this riding spot, and Lachlan makes the best of what I’m sure is a tight spot. But the desire to ride the first session of the year is what’s driving him. Good stuff Lachlan!

5 thoughts on “Lachlan Cameron – First BMX Session / 2018

  1. F———K ………………THIS bangs !! If there one thing I LOVE …….its seeing riders rip their lines at their PERSONAL session spots , but to rip their TECHNICAL / STYLISH …………lines with their OWN original flavor in them……at such a TINY spot …………..THATS a whole other BEAST right THERE !! LOVING the NO FOOTED to PEDAL tea kettle , which would usually take AT LEAST 50 FEET of CAR PARK to roll , the MULTIPLE bike-flip , SPINNING stick -b line , INSIDE circle hiker jugglers , the bar spinning , NO HANDED rocket , double footed , FURIOUSLY spun cliffhangers , etc , etc !! The MUSIC complimented this edit AS WELL , THIS was DOPE, campeon !!

  2. Ontario and Quebec are more central Canada but in the east coast time zone not the Atlantic Time Zone, so even though winter can be bad it’s nowhere near the provinces on the east coast of Canada. How do I know this? I live in New Brunswick, Canada and we’re getting pounded by another fU*&*(*& 40 cm of the white stuff tomorrow. Jealous? Yes. Great riding? Yes:)

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