Last times with Aleksi Ritsilä

Welcome back to the Last times, been a bit of a break from the 
Last times whilst i’ve been working on other articles, and waiting 
on a few back still…
Aleksi Ritsilä is part of the new generation of pros coming 
through the ranks, along with the likes of Dez,Moto, Mates, 
and guys like that the international scene looks promising. 
Hailing from the same country as the boss, Martti Kuoppa, 
is something in the water in Finland?

Last time you rode outside: 
Maybe in October. The winter up here is pretty damn long…

Last time you rode with Martti Kuoppa: 
Did bike n´ mic shows with him in November.

Last time you checked flatmatters: 
Check it at least few times, every day. has became one of the most important web sites for me. Awesome job Effraim!!!

Last time you broke a bikepart: 
Lost count last year… broken frames, bars, forks, hubs… actually my back rim has several small cracks at the moment, guess that´s the last one.

Last time you got injured:
Last Sunday!!! Broke my wrist… it will be in cast for 8 weeks!!! well at least then should be able to ride outside again and will be hunger for riding than ever!!!

Last time you competed:

Only competed in worlds last year. God I wish I can go to more than just one contest this year.

Last time you filmed a combo: 

Last time you screamed outloud after pulling a combo: 

I´m a bit too quiet for that, but there´s a lot smiling and champ stances involved in every session hehe

Last video you downloaded:
Nike 6.0 partners in crime – Fit section or Travis Collier new vid, both are so good!

Last good film you watched: 
Disney´s Up with my sister last weekend. was pretty awesome actually hahaha.

Last bike part you brought: 
3e chain from the same place I buy my groceries hehe

Last bike modification you made:
Just got this slim pivotal seat, cut the nose a bit and made the back more finger friendly, it came out perfect, best seat ever!!!

Last time you got a puncture: 
Used to get huge tire explosions due high tire pressure and cheap inner tires pretty often, but now I run 2 layers of rim strips and better inner tires, so it´s not a problem anymore.

Last trick you pulled first try: 
Always warm up with some easy tricks that I´ll usually pull first try.

Last trick you invented: 
Learned this backwards spinning time machine that haven´t seen anyone do.

Last person you rode with: 
Did shows with Eki and Jukkis, the best Finnish park riders, in January.

Last time flatland made you angry: 
Well, not being able to ride at the moment could make me an incredible hulk like creature in the following weeks… hehe..

Last song you listened to: 
Siriusmo – High Together.

Last time you kissed a girl: 
Friday a week ago.

Last time you were drunk: 
Friday a week ago.

4 thoughts on “Last times with Aleksi Ritsilä

  1. Can´t wait to see that backwards timemachine thing in action!
    Hope to have you here in Helsinki more often this summer.

  2. was cool to see you today, Martti! megaspin-whopper-megaspin madness went down!!! can´t wait for summer sessions in Helsinki!

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