Last times with Ciaran Perry

Ciaran p Flatland 6.2.10 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.
Music by Imaginary forces – november dub aka Ezchris.

This guy is carving his own path within flatland, developing his around the world links beyond comprehension at times, hit the rewind button a few times to watch how hard some of the switches above are, incredible control! Thanks Ciaran for doing this part for Last times.

Last time you rode in the wet: 

Last time you rode with someone: 
crikey umm 6 months ago?

Last time you broke a bike part:
1 month ago front axle.

Last time you screamed outloud after pulling a combo: 
haha dunno man i dont really do that anymore its more a clap of hands and boogie to the music in my ears kinda thing but anyway today.

Last original trick you learnt:
The one foot flip stuff using both feet.

Last video you downloaded:
Um flatland? Old steph royer clip on vimeo.

Last time you got a puncture:
This question will ensure i get one tomorow now but umm couple weeks back.

Last bikepart you brought:
Mike s bar n forks and m7 wheel.

Last time you checked flatmatters:
friday man i always check james whites articles.

Last trick you filmed:
whatevers in the little vid i done for this.

Last time you were stoked on flatland:
Leo claros section on web video thunderflats, that shit is so far beyond my comprehension how could i not be stoked.

Last time you threw your bike:
Oh long time ago i dont really do it anymore , nowadays its more grip bars as hard as possible and grunt haha.

Last time you got drunk:
Dont drink so yearsss ago.

Last music track you listened to:
Rod Modell – hexcraft.

Last time you got injured riding flatland:
Beginning of this week shoulder giving me beef.

Last contest you rode in:
King of street in birmingham like 5 years ago ? ish.

Last time you regripped your pegs:
today , usually every 2 wet days.

Last time you filmed a videopart:
ummm couple years back.

Last time you rode in the dry:
Today, makes a change.

Last time you kissed a girl:
about a year ago.

Last trick you pulled first try:
3 xfoot around the world jugglers yesterday.

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