Last times with Denes Katona

A few years back, Denes Katona was living and working in London, i’d occasionally get to see him ride at TGM, often not on his own bike, many a time i would watch in amazement as he whiplashed (with variations) the whole mile, not to mention nose wheelie the lot too, one of the best riders on the planet for sure, without further a due, Hungary’s answer to Phil Dolan, enjoy his last times..

Photos by Andras Pentak.

Last time you rode with Og Marton: ’09 OG Camp and Contest Szombathely

Last time you rode outside: 5 days ago, before the snow fell down

Last time you nosewheelied the whole of TGM: ’07 TGM Jam

Last time you time you did a x hand nosewheelie: 5 days ago

Last time you checked flatmatters: 5 minutes ago

Last time you did a double decade: uh hard one, about 2 years ago

Last time you lost count how many whiplashes you did: ’09 OG Camp and Contest Szombathely

Last good film you watched: August Rush

Last song you listened to: Tirpa – Tirpa

Last video you downloaded: „Martti came back from holiday”

Last time you kissed a girl: hehe A long time ago in another galaxy 😀

Last contest you rode in: ’09 Offline Sport Games Budapest

L ast time you screamed outloud when you pulled a combo: Last summer, when I did a magaspin decade after 2 years.

Last time flatland made you smile: yesterday

Last time flatland made you angry: yesterday

Last bikepart you brought: odyssey flatware stem

Last bikepart you broke: pedal

Last trick you learned: x hand x foot nosewheelie

Last trick you invented: secret

Last time you rode in the wet: 2 weeks ago

Last injury you had: 2 days ago I sat onto the bar and hit my reins.

Last nosewheelie variation you learnt: nosewheelie to whiplash…

Last whiplash variation you learnt: …jump back to nosewheelie and again

Last time you thought “damn OG Marton is amazing”: a few days ago when I watched OG Project „A”.

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