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Famous track by Eric B & Rakim. The track reminds me of Martti Kuoppa. The man is a thinker, he’s done more for flatland in the last decade than any other rider. Many respect him, many pros  fear him, whilst many pros go corporate in a bid to pay the bills, Martti goes exactly the opposite, and returns to his roots. He is currently working a new solo dvd injunction with Chad Johnston, it promises to be “epic”. The flatland world awaits his next move. That’s why you will always be a step behind. 

Last time you impressed yourself riding:
At least it was not last weekend at the bike expo, hah. So I would say it was 20th of february.

Last time you pulled a whopper mega spin whopper decade: 

20th of february, first and the last time I pulled it.

Last time you filmed for your new solo dvd: 

20th of february.

Last time you checked groundtactics: 


Last time you filmed a combo: 

Hmmm, heh, I am not too much into real combos anymore in my life. But if you count short ones then I would say 20th of february, heh.

Last time you deleted a video: 

27th of february. I deleted most of the videos of myself from web.

Last videopart of yours you watched: 

megaspin to whopper to decade.

Last time you did whiplashes: 

Last sunday.

Last time you won a contest: 

HAH. 2006 Flatground. I was going to win the one comp in Japan last january but forgot to enter.

Last time you did five in a row practise: 

Shiat. Because that method drove me insane I have too many blackouts nowadays and can´t remember,got to be 2003 before the X games in LA, then I gave up on it…

Last time you rode with Viki Gomez: 

Must have been last summer 2009.

Last time you landed a hang five 360 kickflip to halfpacker: 

On the KGB impulsivity dvd.

Last time you hung out with Intrikat Chad J: 

This january while I was in LA!!! Only few hours, but good times as usual!

Last time you rode outside: 

Last december when I was having a holiday in Singapore.

Last contest you had fun at: 

1996 Worlds in Cologne.

Last time you got a puncture: 

2 months ago.

Last bikepart you broke: 

Superpower frame.

Last bikepart you brought: 

Mankind frame.

Last time you read Totally Intense ‘zine: 

DAMN, it´s been a while, and for all the readers out there, when I was 13 I was reading Totally Intense zine over and over again and studying english… HAH.

Last trick you saw and thought “I wish i’d thought of that?”: 

Good question. I would say most of the stuff Ciaran Perry is doing.

Last time you checked flatmatters: 

Today at work.

Last time you did a double decade: 

Last summer on someone else’s bike.

Last time flatland bummed you out: 

It bums me out everyday when I really think of it, but nothing serious. There is so many aspects that bums me out so I won´t go into details.

Last trick or combination you invented: 

Sideways rolling technique.

Last good film you watched: 


Last track you downloaded: 

Hieroglyphics – Soweto.

Last online video you downloaded: 

Jesse Puente’s old school.

4 thoughts on “Last times with Martti Kuoppa

  1. To be fair Martti whopped everyone that day pretty damn hard, was a pleasure to watch! He barely practised then just got better round by round, he didn't do the guillotine double whip to crackpacker at all, no one knew it was coming!
    Real Shane flatground has gone from the calendar!

  2. true true, every time i see braun, read ground i think of flatground.
    I can also remember that Martti just had a accident with his foot around that time, and indeed was not in he's best shape ever, but sure blew everyone away!
    Magic Kuoppa!

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