Last times with Matt Wilhelm

Matt dropped a pretty serious web edit last week, this week we start the week with a “last times” with one of the coolest guys on the flatland scene, enjoy!!

Last time you swept your warehouse with coke: Last Saturday.

Last time you rode outside: December 13th 2009.

Last time you did a show: Yesterday.

Last time you bunnyhopped a fat lady: Yesterday, and she had a hard time getting up. I don’t pick the fat ladies, the principals do.

Last time you said “what you know about first place?: As a joke in a Neon Media video and then a billion other times after that making fun of myself.

Last time you did a double decade: It’s been a while, but I will do one tomorrow.

Last trick you pulled first try: I don’t pull anything first try.

Last video you downloaded:Carhartt Flatland Tour.

Last time you checked flatmatters: Daily.

Last contest you rode in: Voodoo Jam.

Last time you rode in Downtown Chicago: Last Summer to film Props commercial. Too much security there now.

Last time you went to Scrap: March 2005. I think that it’s closed now.

Last time you snapped a brake cable: I change them before they snap. Maybe 2006???

Last time you had a puncture: At the World’s 2009 I had 2 flats riding on my way to the finals. Plus I had the flu or food poisoning, so changing the tires took all my energy. I was sick for about 2 weeks.

Last good film you watched: The soloist. Jamie Foxx is a homeless violin prodigy with schizophrenia.

Last time you kissed your wife: This morning, but I should do it more often.

Last time you pulled that crazy spinning death truck combo: Saturday for the video.

Last time you threw your bike: Saturday during the filming of the video, but it was a gentle throw. Haven’t done that much in years.

Last time you filmed a combo: Saturday.

Last time you played jazz: During the summer. I just got back home from a 3 month tour, and you can’t play in hotels. I’m fired up about playing again though.

Last time flatland made you dizzy:Yesterday.

Last book you read: Outliers. Summary: it takes 10,000 hours of practice to get really good at something. That’s 9 years of riding 3 hours a day.

Last time you got drunk: Acapulco, Mexico New Years trip.

Last trick that scared shit out of you: New deathtruck combo.

Last time you did five in a row practise: Before the 2009 Worlds. Never again!!!

Last app you downloaded: Who wants to be a Millionaire. I highly recommend the sex offender locator though.

Last time a girl hit on you at a show: Yesterday.

Last time you landed something and yelled cause you were psyched: Saturday.

Last time you made a music track: Sunday.

Last concert you went to: A small 3 piece rock band in Sarasota, Florida sometime in December.

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