Last times with Pete Brandt

Photos by Sean Parker.

Pete Brandt, what can I say? For me he’s one of the most iconic people in flatland, I grew up watching videos such as Reality Tv part 1, and reading his Bio in Freestylin’, fast forward to modern day and he’s still killing it, “machine, artist, and athlete all in one”- quote from Chad J. And like when I was growing up, is still one of the top riders, like i said, a true iconic legend of flatland. Here’s Pete B’s last time’s, enjoy!!

Last time you rode in the wet: Today, it started raining at the Clocktower after a few hours of a dry session.

Last time you rode with Eric Emerson: Around 9 years ago.

Last time you rode at Golden Gate park: @ the Vanderspeck Memorial jam on October 18, 2009.

Last contest you rode in: Voodoo jam 2009.

Last original trick you learnt: no handed pumping halfhiker, front wheel no handed hook spin crackpacker (my foot holds up the seat)lots of new combos.

Last trick you landed first try:backwards pumping/spinning one handed time machine a week ago.

Last time you watched Reality tv part one: Must be at least 2 years and that was part 2. Part 1 must have been 8 years now.

Last bike part you brought: tennis tape for my bars.

Last bike part you broke: bars, bearings, and a shitty Haro 22mm bb (dont ever get one! I used it for a week and wore it out).

Last good film you watched: Year One.

Last video you downloaded: I usually stream, the last video was Steph Cerras new video. It’s sick check it out! 

Last time you checked flatmatters: Everyday it is the flat site that has everything!

Last time you rode at the San mateo underground: 3 weeks ago.

Last time you did a show: Last week and I got one tomorrow.

Last time you dj’ed: Cutting it up yesterday. I haven’t played a set out in a while. iPods have taken over the club scene!!

Last time you screamed outloud after rideout at a contest: Probably Voodoo jam. I get caught in the moment and didn’t realize I do that stuff!!

Last time you rode with Jesse Puente: About a week ago. We ride together a lot still.

Last record you brought: Chase and Status: Streetlife.

Last time you were drunk: 3 days ago.

Last time you filmed a combo: Last Sunday.

Thanks to Sean Parker for these great photos, shot yesterday!

4 thoughts on “Last times with Pete Brandt

  1. I believe he still rides mix of flat and street, check out his whiplash full bars out on the revenge site, insane!
    Like the look of Pete b's hook steam, glad you peeps like the feature…

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