Last times with Rad Dad!

I’ve wanted to do a feature with Rad dad since Jomopro, and due to one thing or another, just not got round to it, a few days ago I made a list of different ideas for the blog and his name popped to my mind right away, reminding me oh shit i better get on this!, time to get a Last times I thought, and here it is, one of the most genuine, and dedicated riders i’ve met! Read on!

Photo by Kelly Baldwin.

Last jam you organized:
Friends and Family Day July 17, 2010

Last time you rode the OG?
September 4 Saturday Session.

Last time you rode with John Yull? 9/11/2010 Patriot Jam.

Last time you got a puncture?
2004 A decade gone dreadfully wrong. I was still learning.

Last time you threw your bike?
When I landed a Cliff to steam for the first time. I let it roll on its own.

Last time you checked flatmatters?

Last trick you learnt?
Yesterday. I pulled a Hang 10 seat grab back to Messiah back to Seat Grab and out.

Last time you said “your watching bmx freestyler!”?
I don’t recall. Honestly I am behind the camera so much I rarely get infront of it.

Last phonecall you made?
Chris Balles to talk about Round Up 6.

Last out of town visitor you rode with?
Lee from NC.

Last bikepart your brought?
Grips from Empire BMX. They ROCK.

Rad dad shredding at jomopro, photo by fat tony.

Last time you rode in the rain?
While learning to do Hitchhiker Juggler.

Last flatland dvd you watched?
Dos Hombre The Castillo Brothers 2010.

Last time you were overseas:
1991 Desert Storm.

Last movie you watched?
Karate Kid 3.

Last time you rode out of state?
JoMoPro 2010.

Last online edit you downloaded?
A video that Sickwick put together when he released the SEXY BMX Freestyler audio tag.

Last time you filmed a combo?
Global Flat-Online Battles about 2 months ago.

Last bikepart you broke:
Upper Gyro Cable. In the middle of a Decade.

Last trick you got consistent:

Last time someone said “aren’t you too old to ride that bike”
Maybe a year ago. I have gotten lucky!

Photo By Tony Schneidewind.

Last time you worked out?
What is working out? hahaha…

Last time you partied:

Last time you updated BMX Freestyler:
Yesterday to put up Mail Bag.

Last person you rode with:
ATX Crew. That’s a BIG LIST!

Last time you kissed your wife:
This Morning..headed off to work.

Last edit you produced:
Patriot Jam 2010. Thanks for posting it. Alex I really do hope you can make it out to the next one!

Last time flatland made you smile:
Yesterday when I hit my new trick. I was so stoked.

Last time you rode with Ruben Castillo:
September 4, 2010 at the Legendary Oltorf Garage!

13 thoughts on “Last times with Rad Dad!

  1. Thanks for doing this "last times" once more time Rad dad!
    Hope you get the crackpacker soon, looking forward to the video!

  2. No Thank you E for your dedication and commitment to Flatmatter. It is truly an honor to be featured here. I am going back to work on the crackpacker tonight after work…Last time I worked on Crackpacker? Yesterday after you gave me some more tips!

  3. nice one E!!!
    Mark really is the nicest person you will ever meet in the flatland world keep up being you Mark..

    Ok everybody now get together for the group shot :))

  4. Three things inspired me to start riding flat again…a Lee Musslewhite edit, Texas Flatland Roundup…and RAD DAD. Honestly, he is one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A good person, through and through. Thank you so much for doing this E. Love flatmatters!

  5. WOW! You ARE a star, Markie Mark… errrr… uhhh… RAD DAD!

    Why in the world would anyone think you're too old for riding?! Oh well, as long as you don't SCRUB and break your brittle bones! hehe Just kidding — you're like a fine wine…! ;op

    Great interview and photos! Kudos to Rad Dad AND Flatmatters! Trick on!

  6. @ tod borndead.. great feedback, thanks, stoked you like the blog! Totally agree rad dad is a great rolemodel for flatlanders, talking last night about how long we will be riding for, I don't see him stopping any time soon. And thats so great to hear, as well as all stuff he gives back to the scene, already an edit I posted today for example!

  7. Rad Dad is a great influence for everyone.

    Riding does not end when people think you are too old, it ends when you think you are too old!

  8. Mary Dandridge says "Mark, you have come a long way since the streets in Seaside. Ride on my brother, ride on. You are doing a rad job! The interview was great."

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