6 thoughts on “Lea Dobrowski 14 months riding edit

  1. Wicked stuff Lea!!! All about the the back peg squeaker whip out! Pinkys and a whole heap of progression is right around the corner, exciting times!!

  2. Lea is from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The riding spot is chenga, Scott powells skatepark. This is upstairs I believe looks amazing!!

  3. thanks guys and I was super stoked to get the back peg squeaks first try.. the whip out took a few extra lol but I was so stoked to finally get it on film 🙂 thanks for posting effraim means a lot 🙂

  4. Awesome riding Lea the best looking girl in flatland the one footed squeaker was rad may have to try that myself ,keep up the skills your doing great ,really cool to see.

  5. awesome,lea, keep it up!cool that you got it all on film, most of us didnt get footage of riding in such a short time,and it will be something you will most certainly treasure as time goes by.ride on!

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