Lee Musselwhite – Seminal

Half Backwards Rolaid to Halfpacker anyone? Look out for that at the 3:05 mark. As always Lee Musselwhite is not afraid to stand out and add his personal touch to his riding, hit play as Lee runs through some of his classic positions at his indoor riding spot! Stickied at the top for the day!

33 thoughts on “Lee Musselwhite – Seminal

  1. I’v done a full backwards decade rollaid, half to halfpacker happend while I learnt it haha. That along with a multiple turbined “Spider Glide” mite be in my next edit maybe not……….. It’s not a comp to do something first on film for me tho.

  2. lol Brandon iv got the clip but some of the stuff on here has taken me over 10 years to build up to so if this isent a “must watch” then 1 clips of a trick prob shouldn’t be hahah

  3. So the spread eagle trick you were calming you invented the other day is a coasting no handed switched lard/side yard which has been around for 30 years give or take a year.Keep up the good work lee and keep your head out of your …

  4. I’d never claimed anything Greg you fucking moron, it’s just that I’d never seen that move done like that before. So put your head back up your own ………

  5. Congratulations Lee ! So good to see these signature moves in lines/combos. Have you ever thought about doing no-footed backyard upside down, in the dumptruck position, sitting on the crank ? Might hurt a bit but would be rad ! Thanks again for this edit !

  6. Cheers for kind words guys.

    – Greg i’v never claimed anything that’s just what I called a trick I’d never seen anyone do in the same way, so perhaps you should stick your head back up your……..

    – Alex, yea have thought about it bud and toyed with a few ways it might work but feels really odd via like u said BB and frame are a lot lower.

  7. God Mother Funkin’ Damn!!! That was ridiculously impressive! I’ve looked up to You for many years Lee, when You first unleashed the Spider Glide (That Is The Hands & Feet Off Trick Correct?) I was utterly blown away! Now to see it in a line/link!? What are You eating/drinking!? Haha.

  8. @Greg . Just curious . What is the hardest trick you have landed on film. And just for kicks. The hardest you have landed in your dreams ?

    Apparently knocking dope edits and cursing out pro riders for having opinions is common place in flatland.

    Amazing riding Lee !! Its 17°F here … Might even have to bundle up and get it in ! Thanks for the motivation.

  9. Wow! every combo in there was crazy!

    for me the no footed front yard in circles are insane.

    Lee you have probably thought about doing some type of no footed boomerang jump into crackpacker or even full no footed boomerangs holding only the seat lol or on to the pedal crackpacker? lol yeah the possibilities are endless.

    Awesome edit. And the spot looks amazing too.


  10. Yeah, best edit of the year so far hands down. Sick! E is holding back with the must watch this year. The bar is set high!!!

  11. Alex/ Lee I used the rollercoaster and pulled the no footed stick b back in 2007. Here is my most recent pull of the trick for battle in the rockies. The inpiration came from Lee’s no footed backyard. Thanks Lee for the inspiration and keep up the great riding.

    Alex Worden

  12. Thanks Rick! I still do it regularly. Simon O’Brien asked me to be apart of his next Flat video so I am working on some mix of new and old. Kind of like what Lee said he did with this edit. The 10 year plan approach to a riding video.

  13. What’s confusing? Maybe he just doesn’t want to show it.

    Anywho, ridiculous riding from Lee. Always a standout! I got back into riding in 2009 because I saw one of Lee’s edits! Very inspirational!

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