Lee Musselwhite wins UK Flat Championships

Photo Credit: Lee Musselwhite

The UK flat champs went down yesterday in Newport, Wales, looks like Pro/Am merged into one group. Congrats to Lee for winning both the contest and the best combo! And props to Matti Hemmings for putting on the contest! Hopefully some video soon…

1- Lee Musselwhite
2- Josh Briars
3- Steve Green
4- Andy Hale
5- Andy Wood
6- TGM Maz
7- Matthew Dyer
8- Griff

Best Combo

Lee Musselwhite

26 thoughts on “Lee Musselwhite wins UK Flat Championships

  1. Sounded awesome,but Newport Wales c’mon mission ain’t the word guess its local riders idea Matti Hemmings etc, may as well hold it in Newcastle or Bolton ,bit more of a central location for others would be better i’d struggle to get there and car lifts don’t happen in flatland, trains and their prices are a joke .
    Whilst the turnout here looked promising its a shame half these names can’t be arsed to attend the Southsea KOS comp back in August that E organised certain names Musselwhite,Wood,Briars,Dyer,Maz,Hemmings etc etc guess the word “UK flat championships” makes it more of an incentive to go to no mans land and get a rep.

  2. Whilst on the subject of rider turnout ,half these names here don’t attend UK jams either laziness or can’t be bothered or wait for it busy yeah thats a good one ,is money an incentive here or just to get a rep ,beats the hell out of me ,guess we will never see every UK flatlander all in the same place at once ,wait i see a pig flying no no my bad it a pink baloon. My opinion probably won’t matter but i’m only saying what people are thinking thats democracy folks ( not a dig at Sam i might add)

  3. So when a jam is in London or Southsea you think thats everymans land and we should all attend and when its in wales a mere train journey from bristol for a few quid its no mans land and the attendees who live nearer should feel shame?
    When you said laziness or cant be bothered you forgot the third and more viable option of do not want to be there it is not an obligation do not be offended by people who do not want to attend you have no grounds to be .

  4. What a suprise Ciaran Perry yet again mouthing off sorry but you do ask for it duds haha yes i do think everyone should attend or at least make the effort when theres a jam or comp in London or at least those in the same region of the UK , i don’t live in London i’m from Surrey i live in a converted farmhouse with 2 acre’s of land nowhere near London and its not everymans land London it easier to get to (how many stations,how many motorways links ?? ) get a map bro or sat nav , yo but i attend but it would be nice to get everyone in the same venue for once ,i can only speak for what i see thats not wrong i have grounds to so seriously i’ll speak to you in person if you want if my comments are offensive to you its easier that way.

    no i don’t feel they should feel shame but isn’t it strange that the “UK WORLD FLAT CHAMPIONSHIPS” (is that for real ) attracts people you never see at other comps ( names i mentioned) or even jams guess its the title thats the incentive or just to get a rep but pure laziness and can’t be bothered attitude i see it i see it at every fuckin comp people don’t turn up like it or lump it its a fact you included what am i lying ? no not at all ,don’t know why you are harping on like an old woman thats my job your an internet rider Ciaran with 9000 tricks more than me yeah i rate you and your bald head and chest ,guess you live in that car park where’s your mate EZ Chris at home making your dinner or vanished into oblivion . in the word of Elvis Presley “you canot please everyone”

    no its not an obligation (but it would be nice to see others elsewhere) and no i’m not offended why would i be ? if any one offends me its on here i laugh at it like this hahaha hee hee lol you get meh ,cowards way out the internet straight up i’d rather talk or shout in person than on here and yes i have grounds those being the grounds to an open opinion on any subject as a UK citizen and a tax payer and as a critic on blogs and website’s like this you know but no wonder they say UK flat is dead if half these bods don’t make it to other events straight up i have an opinion (i am human not caveman haha) this is democracy that politics if you and every other bitch don’t agree not my problem ,opinions differ get used to it homeboy.

  5. Seems like you are taking offence to your neck of the woods being described as “no mans land” Wales is i have been there full of unemployment,chavs and Daffodils haha ,yeah its ok for you Bristol men its just over the river Severn i’m very happy that the place is in walking distance from you for a few quid on tut train (2 quid blimey its 1975 prices ) ,but i’m guessing that you didn’t go Ciaran ?? shall i put a bet on at Ladbrookes at score says you didn’t (suprise suprise )

  6. Just a note there is no ” VIABLE ” option ,if thats the case you have to ask yourself WHY they don’t want to attend to use the word viable in this scenario could be detered as an over the top usage of the English vocabulary within a simplistic topic amongst sweaty men ,this is not the House of Commons duds lol ,guess money could be an incentive or free drink or free food or dancing girls haha,next edit from you get on the back wheel you got rear pegs use them ,love ya.

  7. hey Howard, if you got issues with the contest please phone me. You can find me on Facebook. Reason for not making it to contests is because of work. that’s why most people can’t turn up or other commitments. Maybe you should support flatland and organise a contest and see how hard it is. All the riders that turned up and supported the event is much appreciated. And thanks to ciaran for sticking up for it, keep doing what you are doin on the front wheel coz your killin it.

    • Whoah! What the hell is this all about?
      Don’t really see an issue here, contests are contests, we live in a tiny scene (UK), some guys can make it some can’t, stating the obvious but wherever you have a contest, its far for somebody in the UK to get to. The turnout becomes highlighted because of how small our scene is, if 5 dudes can’t make it, it stands out…
      I tried the National Series thing a few years back, and the turnout was small, it is a small scene! Props to matti for putting on the event! Great to see riders such as Josh Briars up there, and Steve Green seems to be featuring a lot more, Andy hale is on the come up to, which is great to see. Its refreshing to see new faces.
      If you guys have a beef, always seems to be something, can you do it privately please, ta!

  8. I think we’ve had a pretty good year! We’ve had lots of jams and events where riders can meet up. I think its cool that they haven’t all been in the south of England – it makes it feel like there are people who go out and ride flatland all over the UK. I’ve got huge respect for anyone who decides to support the scene in this way (of course that’s not the only way – cairan’s edits are really inspiring!). I just wish I could have made it to them all!

  9. This is just a buch of bullcrap. Effraim can you delete all of it plz. this blog is where the rest of the world see how we are doing in comps and so on. We have just started getting people from other counterys to our comps. witch is so good for our seen. and to tell you the truth i would not come from another county to one of our comps because i thought there would be some bull shit like this. sorry i could not make it to the comp im in spain doing shows. sounds like it was a good one nun the less. thanks matti for putting on a comp. hope to be there next year.

    Sal Brown

  10. Yo Hemmings i don’t even know your phone number what would i phone you for ??? i got no issues with this or any comp read my comments in depth son ,i have an opinion on rider turnouts and where UK flatland is heading and this sums it up if some names i see here don’t bother turning up to other events then i ask myself why ? yeah granted reasons differ but please i’ve been to numerous comps and jams etc Southsea in August half those names never turned up hows that helping a dying scene really ? so what i’m not allowed an opinion ,if this is the UK flat championships then i’m Elvis where were the big names then huh ?? get every rider in the UK in the same venue then we can call it UK flat championships .I support what i do by riding for 30 years when you were not even born and a newbie chav like like you giving it on here makes for an easy and laughable read yeah thanks to Ciaran (suck suck ) for killing it on the front wheel get on the back son (guys pretentious he has 9000 tricks more than me apparantly ) you getting married i take it.and if i did organise an event chances are i would be wasting my money as you have to be a name in this industry to get anywhere FACT and if its that hard i wouldn’t bother like i say opinions differ and i’d rather speak in person than on here .

    Sal is a funny one says nothing in person just stares and doesn’t say hello kinda rude but online he rants like a baby mmm very over dramatic its not bullshit its an open discussion get real.

    if theres a UK Championship next year then is this justifiable to the winner as the rest of the top pro’s will be elsewhere ?? answer me that .

    props to E and Chris .

  11. just a thought here Matt if you can’t accept any criticism good or bad then don’t post simple ! we are as riders also critics what i don’t need is for some boy i don’t even know getting all high and mighty with me when i was merely voicing my opinion yeah it maybe harsh but if somethings on my mind i’ll say it either in person or online i’m not one to mince my words but you know i love any comps yeah any comps although i tend not to enter nowadays they rule and jams hell i’m down with them you get me respect to anyone who organises them i haven’t got the time or patience so in that aspect i sure ain’t putting you down or anyone for that matter ,like E says this is a close knit community the flat scene here so any promotion is a good thing for the sport.

    i would add on Facebook but i can do without online dissagreements and i don’t know you ,any one that knows me and familys on there and really not on there much.

    This reaction on here man i get less grief off the missis guess its the testosterone haha

    no got no beef with no brother Chickens ma thang yah get meh ,lau dat.

  12. soz couldnt make it matti , was my wifes bitrthday, havent competed this year but il be back with a vengeance next year, big up to matti for putting it on, howard keep your beef out of the forums mate its so negative

  13. 14 comments and counting! not bad.
    Matti did a sterling job on the organization, up at 6, at the venue to set up by 730? He planned a shed load of prizes for everyone, and sacrificed his own riding to organize/mc (even though he’s more than capable on a bike to say the very least).
    I think that’s the first contest he’s done- so let’s not put him off just yet ;0)

    It might be worth mentioning Steve Green won best trick for a turbine messiah.

    p.s. Lee Musslewhite is so dialled at the moment he can even take pictures of himself whilst riding

  14. I actually was down to attend but unfortunately life and health gets in the way , the next one though il be there even if its just to film stuff . Thanks to Matti and congrats on the good work .
    Howard I appreciate your opinions and so forth but honestly you are irrational and simply over react , the sheer amount you typed proves my point . The rest of us have put our disagreements to one side and moved on .

  15. I try and attend all the Uk comps and I really wish I could of gone to this but you know how it is, people do have other commitments outside bmx which simply cannot be avoided sometimes. simples.

    I think Matti deserves nothing but upmost respect and biggest props for the level of planning, organisation and hard work that was totally evident in this paticular event.
    Matti, I think you’ve done The UK Flatland scene bloody proud!
    I’ll definetly come to the next one, if your doing another?
    Much love

  16. well said old chum well said bravo encore,encore Trev must go for a pee now more love xx Lee your 2 cents worth of comment is dull like yourself, i got respect for somebody who respects me namely close friends and family not random bike riders i see once a year

  17. No worries Lee, will be sorting another event out for the uk flatland championships – its looking good for it to happen again so you haven’t missed out. I’ve taken note for improvements to make it bigger and better.

    These comments seem to have gotten out of hand and negative. All I can say is that I’m really pleased that both pro and amature riders were able to make it coming from London, Birmingham, Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol and Cardiff and ride in a comp. Travel prices are crazy and I appreciate that this means some people will be unable to make it (it stops me from going to some comps / events some times), but I think it’s great to have as many comps as possible all around the UK to promote the sport and give riders the chance to meet and ride. It was also a great opportunity to show the sport to audiences in Newport, which included inspiring young people that watched throughout the day.

    Both myself and the other organisers of the day tried to make the day as accessible and worthwhile as possible for everyone that came, both riders and audience members.

    Hopefully now that there seems to be more happening around the country there will be plenty of chances for us all to get together and ride and spend less time on forums.

    Until next time, ‘Get outside in the car park you burk’, Matti ‘raging bull’ hemmings – signature catchphrase.

  18. I find it highly unfair to pubicly berate individuals for lack of attendance to any event and I didn’t want to dignify the original comments with a reponse, especially considering this is my first ever online post.

    I felt that I had to comment as the thread instantly took the shine away from what we really should be reading about; post comp discussion should be an emphasis on the positives of what I’m sure was an incredibly well oranised event and a celebration of the riding/results.

    The UK flatland scene, or any national flatland scene for that matter, is simply not big enough to accomadate such comments and subsequent aftermath. I am also fully aware of the irony of throwing my hat in the ring on this matter! The trivialities of a jam or comp title (‘UK’ this/’championship’ that) shouldn’t really put any emphasis on ‘who’ was in attendance or not.

    If you can go, you go. If you can’t, you can’t.

    As it unfolded I initially thought this storm in a teacup reflected badly on the UK flat scene, but it would be naive to think that a collection of individuals with varying backgrounds, views and life experience all get along like a house on fire. I’m sure there are discepancies within any niche community on the planet, whether it’s about comp turnouts in Wales or any other event for that matter.

    As stated, we are indeed all riders, and as stated, everyone is a critic and rightly allowed to express an opinion. For the sake of the UK scene, and the trajectory of which the threads on this incredibly valuable source of flatland media head, I just feel it is worth contributing with a progressive comment on any of the topics and events we all clearly have a passion for, and not focusing on cynicism, public beratement or personal jibes.

  19. only 5 of us turned up to the Andover jam last year organised by Jimmy Biondi 5 of us thats embarassing ,where was everybody else ????? that just sums up my comments really .

  20. There will be another UK flat championships ? only valid if every rider in the UK is there really , great more controversy ,wonder who will turn up ,will Ciaran finally cross the River Severn and overcome his fear of travelling will all the big boys Battle out for the honour to claim their status find out in the next enthralling episode of “THE UK BMX FLATLAND FREESTYLE BIKES CHAMPIONSHIP “

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