Lee Musselwhite’s New Custom Ride!

Custom ride’s seem to be getting more and more popular these days, and why not?! Just caught this on Facebook. Dylan Worsley is making this for Lee. Totally bare bones, no brakes, no integrated seat clamp, no chain tensioners. 18.8 TT, 75 headangle, 12.0 rear end. Check it!

14 thoughts on “Lee Musselwhite’s New Custom Ride!

  1. Dylan has also made the distance between the dropouts narrower for me to run a front wheel with out having to pack it out with spacers 😉

  2. Loads of reasons Mike; iv found Freecosters are unreliable if you do a lot of back wheel stuff especially on long combos , iv destroyed nearly all on the market too. Bearing in a good front wheel also seem to spin faster than any freecoster too. I haven’t actually rode my bike as in from one place to another in many years (I hate riding bikes if I’m honest) its just for doing tricks so no need to scoot any where. One push of to get going some times but that feels more like a skate board to set up not really to gather speed, then all my combos are landed to pedals then I pump away. For me it’s just the most progressive way forward.

  3. Hmm,, While i am a huge Musselwhite fan I am not a fan of not having a chain and a pedaling bike. Its the challenge. You can’t tell me all the things ucchie does on a back wheel that a freecoaster is that much of a problem.

    Not to compare one person to another or even argue why your doing what your doing I just felt the need to express how I feel about Flatland and true BMX bikes.
    Basically your saying that you cant do those tricks on a BMX bike so your going to modify it to not be a BMX bike.
    At the end of the day Lee if your stoked thats all that matters and I am still a big fan of yours!

  4. Not can’t, it makes no difference to me really I can do all my stuff with or without a freecoster. I just don’t like pedalling around and I hate fixing bikes hahhaha my bike just operates a lot more hassle free this way, maybe i’m just lazy hahhahhhahhha

  5. Thanks again Lee for contacting me about your project. It is a true pleasure to build a unique ‘flatland vessel’ for someone whos contributed such creative moves! Very insipiring-in both fields!

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